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Logging and Monitoring in Cloud Foundry Course

Logging and monitoring in Cloud Foundry are crucial processes for flawless operation. At the training, the attendees will learn how to effectively organize activities around distributed system monitoring and collection of logs from infrastructure components, Cloud Foundry components, and applications.

Why enroll

By the end of the training, you will know how to:

  • See logs and metrics from different levels of deployment stack:
  • Applications
  • third-party services
  • Cloud Foundry
  • BOSH
  • IaaS
  • See possible ways of monitoring components described above (agents, Firehose nozzles, buildpacks, etc.)
  • Find out which metrics you can find useful in your Cloud Foundry installation
  • Gain experience with:
  • Firehose nozzle
  • Visualize metrics
  • IaaS/third-party services monitoring
  • Pushing sample application into Cloud Foundry and collecting some metrics from it
  • Tips and tricks with the Elasticsearch deployment

Who should attend

Cloud Foundry operators and DevOps engineers:

  • Looking to enhance their skills in working with logs and metrics from different levels of deployment stack
  • Seeking a better understanding and knowledge of the Cloud Foundry platform and its logging and monitoring components
  • Willing to discover the Elasticsearch deployment tips and trickss

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Setting up
  • Connecting to lab environment
  • Checking app code from GitHub
  • Pushing app code to Cloud Foundry
Main concepts of logging
  • Why we need logs
  • How we can get it centralized
  • Logging at different levels of a deployment stack
Logs in Cloud Foundry
  • How to get logs from applications, system components, and third-party services
  • Setting up index patterns
  • Logs discovery
  • Visualisation
  • Dashboards
Parsing rules
  • How Logstash does parsing
  • Embedded parsing rules
  • Rules customization
Tips and tricks
  • Some tips from our practice
Main concepts of monitoring
  • Why monitoring is important
  • Why we need metrics
  • Collecting, storing, visualizing, and analyzing
Levels of the Cloud Foundry stack
  • High-level overview of applications, Cloud Foundry, third-party services, BOSH, and IaaS
Possible ways of monitoring components described above
  • For each component, we will see how it works and how we can monitor it (agents, Firehose nozzles, buildpacks, etc.)
Setup infrastructure for monitoring
  • Setup a Linux server
  • Install time-series database Install visualization software
  • Install a collecting agent
  • Install a Firehose nozzle
  • Configure BOSH to forward its metrics
  • Push simple application into Cloud Foundry
Create dashboards
  • Explore available metrics
  • Visualize some simple, but useful metrics
What else you can achieve with metrics
  • Useful metrics inside Cloud Foundry and their applications (like capacity planning, troubleshooting, or finding performance issues)
Seamless integration into Cloud Foundry
  • How to deploy monitoring solution with BOSH
  • How to deploy agents with BOSH
  • How to use custom buildpack
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Altoros recommends that all students have:

  • Laptop (MacOS / Linux / Windows)
  • Some kind of a virtual environment to create Ubuntu VM and the Internet access from this a VM (on your choice):
    • Docker
    • Virtualbox
    • AWS
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Our customers

Here is what our customers say about us
"The instructors were friendly; the class was very wide-ranged. We covered 12 factors in details, learned about service registration and discovery, log tracing. That was as much as you can pack in a few hours"
"It was a great training. I’ve tried to look at this stuff and understand it on my own, but coming to this class allowed me get a much deeper understanding of Bosh and Cloud Foundry. What I’ve learned is how to deploy it, the value it has, how much more sophisticated than some of the other PaaS systems it is"
"I think the training is really good. There are a lot of questions, and it’s great because I have the same ones. It shows that I am in the right place. This is a great class if you want to learn more about what the undercover of Cloud Foundry does at its best"
"This workshop is great for people with a zero of ground knowledge of Cloud Foundry and Bosh. It would apply even more to people who are reliant on knowing how to bring this [Cloud Foundry] up, it is going to be a "bread and butter” for developers"
"I really like the training. I think it was thorough and informative. The hands-on nature was essential for learning Bosh, which is very complicated. It’s not something you can learn by watching just two slides. Getting your hands on the keyboard was the best part of the day. I would totally recommend this course to any of our partners or any potential customers"
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